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Commonly called a “nose job” or “nose reshaping,” rhinoplasty can change the proportion and appearance of the nose to create better facial harmony. The procedure can fix the profile of the nose, its width, its symmetry, or its size in relation to facial balance, or even alter the nostrils or nasal tip. In addition to making aesthetic changes, rhinoplasty can correct a deviated septum that can obstruct airflow and make breathing difficult.

Dr. Eko and the team at Eko Plastic Surgery use digital imaging to show patients what they can expect from surgery after the patient reveals his or her expectation of the finished job. Especially when the job involves major changes to the shape of the nose, re-contouring the brow and mandible, or cheek implants, imaging gives patients a realistic view of the surgery’s goals.

Achieving surgical goals requires an excellent practitioner, since a deviation of as little as a millimeter can make the difference between a patient being thrilled or disappointed in the results. Dr. Eko balances surgical expertise with aesthetics to achieve a natural-looking result. He also works with patients who are disappointed with previous rhinoplasty surgeries and offers revision rhinoplasty to correct aesthetic or functional problems.

Rhinoplasty surgery, performed under local sedation or general anesthetic, is an outpatient procedure that usually lasts about two hours. Immediately after the surgery, you can expect swelling and temporary bruising around the eyes and nose, headaches, and occasional bleeding. While the procedure involves about two weeks of recovery, the results will not be finalized for nearly a year.

Having a nose you consider attractive is a big boost to self-confidence. To discuss rhinoplasty or schedule an appointment, fill out the web form below or call us at (760) 249-2222.

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