Radiesse® is a chemical filler that provides support to the face when the natural supply of collagen, elastins, and hyaluronic acid diminishes with age. Made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel, the product works by metabolizing the microspheres and leaving behind natural collagen.

As compared to Juvéderm, Radiesse is a thicker filler that can be injected into the fatty tissues in the cheek, chin, and jaw line to provide firm support in treatment area. In addition, it is the only FDA-approved filler for lost volume in the hands; it even makes veins and tendons appear less noticeable. Once injected, the process cannot be reversed as Juvéderm can.

Radiesse treatments produce collagen for several months, while the effects may last for up to a year. Most patients find the injections to be more painful than other nonsurgical injections, but the product can be mixed with lidocaine to lessen pain during treatment.

After injection, some patients experience bruising and swelling. There is also the potential for lumps of crystallized material to develop, along with inflammation, infection, and scarring. As with any product, the effectiveness of Radiesse is dependent on the expertise of the medical professional who applies it. Dr. Eko of Eko Plastic Surgery consults with patients prior to the procedure to determine how best to turn back the signs of aging.

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