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Having oversized or ill-positioned ears that protrude from the head can lead to ridicule, teasing, and bullying for children and can cause embarrassment for adults as well. Most defects in the structure or placement of the ear are present at birth, but injury also can result in misshapen ears, such as cauliflower ears. Through an operation known as otoplasty, the ears are reshaped or pinned or set back closer to the head.

The purpose of otoplasty is to create ears of a natural shape that are balanced and proportioned with the head and face and lying close to the head. At Eko Plastic Surgery, Dr. Eko uses several techniques such as cartilage scoring, cartilage suturing, and cartilage resection to alter the three-dimensional contour of the ear. After making an incision behind the ear to avoid scarring, he manipulates cartilage to improve the shape and degree of protrusion from the head. Post-surgery, he packs each ear with medicated gauze to reduce the potential for fluid collection between the skin and cartilage and wraps the head in a bulky bandage to hold the packing in place.

The process takes less than an hour per ear on children as young as six or seven. Recovery takes only about five days, although the ears are not fully healed for about six weeks. Even adults who are dissatisfied with their ears have great success with otoplasty.

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