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Neck Lift

A neck lift removes excess skin and fatty deposits from the neck and chin and is often the treatment of choice for those find their upper face still aesthetically pleasing but who have jowl lines, a double chin, or a “turkey wattle” around their neck. The procedure can tighten up loose neck skin, remove deposits of fat under the chin, and eliminate muscle bands in the neck that create abnormal contours. It is considered the lower portion of a facelift. By removing bulk from the neck, a neck lift can make you look younger and lighter.

A neck lift requires that your surgeon make incisions around the ear or under the chin. The procedure just pulls skin back, in contrast to a facelift which pulls it back and up for a more pleasing final result. Even those who do not need a full facelift may have a neck lift in conjunction with eyelid surgery, a brow lift, or fat transfer to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add more fullness to the lips and cheeks.

After the procedure, you can expect swelling and bruising; while you will start to gradually see the results of the neck lift, it may take weeks or months for all swelling to disappear and about six months for incision lines to soften.

Before deciding on the procedure, you should discuss what you hope to accomplish with your plastic surgeon. Dr. Eko consults with every patient, discusses the pros and cons of each surgery, and shows you computerized views of the likely results.

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